Constructor de Terase cu sticla securizata


Photocell door systems are manufactured to fit in almost any building. When you approach the door due to motion-sensitive sensors, the door opens automatically and closes again within the specified time. 

Safety photocells prevent collisions. Fingerprint, password access, remote control, card systems can be applied. It works as a single wing and double wing depending on the width of the transition area. Shock-resistant laminated glass is used in the aluminum frame. If necessary, the cup is applied in the form of tempered glass without frame. In spaces with photocell doors, normal doors become difficult to maintain the heat inside the doors, therefore, the photocell door, also known as automatic opening door, is exactly for your needs

With photocell doors with sensors, you can adjust the outside noise, cold and temperature inside. By detecting the person approaching with the person's sensor, our doors open automatically so that the air inside can be fixed regularly.


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