Constructor de Terase cu sticla securizata


The product has been designed to give you the same comfort either under the starry or sunny sky.

At the same time, the product offers you the opportunity to take advantage of popular traditional and modern spaces.

The folding canopy system is used in large areas such as the winter garden, hotels, restaurants, cafes and confectioneries.

The operation of the system is achieved by folding the canopy at a certain speed. If you want you can avoid or use the sun's rays.

The GlasSmart Pergola System is a completely safe, robust and water resistant system. The fabrics used are blockout, non-flammable and are not affected by the sun.

Our GlasSmart Pergola products are made of aluminum profiles. The system and the LED lights in the system are controlled by remote control. The LED lights are hidden in the aluminum profiles. There is a system of gutters on the front of the product. In addition, because stainless steel screws and fittings are used during system installation, the system is designed for trouble-free operation.

Our GlasSmart Pergola products are specially made of high-strength aluminum alloy. It is produced with electrostatic paint.

Regardless of the weather conditions, there are no problems with the product such as rust, cracking and malfunction. In the exterior areas it does not harm the architectural aspect.

Our GlasSmart Pergola products are an advanced solution that allows the product to be used outdoors for years even in adverse weather conditions.


GlasSmart pergola is the entire system for collecting or opening the engine using sensors or controls.

GlasSmart canopy pergola can be used in all canopy models except fixed canopies. 

GlasSmart pergola can wrap the fabric of the canopy on the roller with the help of the motor or can collect the stretched fabric from the end or at the beginning of the area of use with the help of profiles. Thus, the desired space is completely closed or open.


For the system to work properly, the back and front slope differences must be at least 15%.

The system uses a blackout fabric doped in three-dimensional pvc. It is a Sio - line brand, being produced in Macedonia, the city of Skopje.

The color of the fabric can be cream, white, gray, black or any other color you want.

The total weight of the fabric is 830 gr / m2. Preserves its properties at temperatures between -30 C / + 70 C (DIN 53361)

Breaking strength 250 N (DIN 53363)

The material is waterproof, resistant to fire, UV rays and does not rot.

HF fabrics and joints are manufactured by a 25 KW high frequency automatic full welding machine.

The system can carry a load of 120 kg of snow per square meter, and wind resistance has been tested at a speed of 88 km / h.


The front rain drainage profile is made of T6 aluminum and has the size of 150x160x3 mm.

The profiles of the supporting legs are made of T6 aluminum and have the dimensions of 120x80x3 mm and 100x100x3 mm.

The profiles used are painted in your preferred colour with electrostatic paint (oven painting).

The T10 timing belt, which ensures the movement of the system, is made in Italy and has a steel support.

All bolts, pins, nuts and fasteners used are made of stainless steel.

The joints of the system with the rail profile are supported, so the probability of water and wind leaks is reduced to zero.

The system that transmits the motor movement to the timing belt is a special pipe and there is a very low probability that the timing belt will fail.

An 80 cm wide trapezoidal sheet is used to protect the elements of mechanical movement and the fabric against various environmental threats when the system is in the closed position.

Axele mișcătoare ale acoperișului au dimensiuena de 60×80 mm, iar piesele locomotoare au dimensiunea de 60×40.

The rollers that allow the movements on the axis work on the rail without problems.

The perimeter of the system can be closed with folding or sliding glass. It can be used as a winter garden.

GLASSMART is a rail cover system designed according to the specific conditions of the four seasons.

The GLASSMART rail cover system is manufactured by our company and has a 5-year warranty. The warranty covers the entire system.


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