Constructor de Terase cu sticla securizata


Secured Glass Balconies

The GlasSmart safety glass balcony system is a system of sliding and folding glass balconies made of tempered glass and system profiles in the dimensions of 8 mm, 10 mm. 

The functionality of this system includes noise reduction, abrasion resistance and resistance to heat and cold. The panels are open inside and are designed to be open on both the right and left, depending on the architectural structure of the balcony and your wishes. Through its drainage channel and sloping ground, Secured Glass Balconies have been designed to minimize water penetration. Due to the aluminum wicks between the wings, it provides both thermal and sound insulation, thus becoming a long-term investment. 

With the help of our adjustment profiles we offer the possibility to correct imperfections that may occur on the floor or ceiling. In this way the visual completion is ready. We provide you with a fixing device that will prevent the involuntary movement of the panels when they are tightened. This device is intended to prevent the involuntary movement of the panels.

Every effort has been made to conceal the system accessories. In this way, our specialists from the Research and Innovation department prepared the Glass Balcony System using 8 mm glass. We choose for you Maintenance-free Fiberglass Plastic Accessories.

Our high quality maintenance-free wheels that work horizontally are of the highest quality. The inner parts are made of steel bearings. There are 8 wheels on each cover where the panel structures are paired in two parts down and two parts up. Depending on your preferences, you can use different locking systems. For your safety you can use the child safety lock or the key lock system. All our accessories have color options (Black, Gray). To ensure sealing, the lower wing and upper wing profiles of the baseboard are equipped with brush wicks and are partially reinforced with rubber gaskets.

In this system, you can carry out your project of closing the glass balcony in aluminum profiles with over 300 RAL colors: from aluminum gray, bronze, matte or glossy applications. You have the option to choose a wooden model for the surface.

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The width of the panels can be between 40 - 100 cm. The maximum height of the system must be no more than 350 cm. Tempered glass dimensions: 8 and 10 mm. MATERIALS: ALUMINUM, ACCESSORIES, SECURITY GLASS

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